January 17, 2011

Chocolate is Good for the Heart

It is 2011 and the health benefits of chocolate that initially seemed too good to be true have stood the test of  time and human science.  Studies show that the flavonoids in cacao beans act as antioxidants and improve cardiovascular health.  Regular consumption of these flavonoids can even help lower blood pressure and cholesterol.  In order to experience the full benefits of the cacao bean, medical professionals recommend dark chocolate: the darker: the more cacao: the better!  These sweet scientific results have led to increased production and consumption of chocolate bars containing excess of 50% cacao.  

Come to The Sweet Life and treat your heart to one of our specialty pure chocolate bars such as the NewTree "Pleasure" Dark Chocolate Bar (73%) or the Dolfin 88% Extra Dark Chocolate Bar.  These gourmet bars not only contain above and beyond the recommended cacao content but also provide your taste buds with a rich and luscious sensation.  Still not dark enough?  The Sweet Life recommends the Chocolat Bonnat 100% Cacao Chocolate Bar.  This tempting French delicacy will thrill even the most daring of chocolate connoisseurs.

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